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About  Anna Dasbach, LMFT

I love working with people of all ages, gender and ethnicity. My work has been mostly informed by my studies of Holistic Counseling, Mindfulness based Therapies, Trauma treatments, such as IFS (levels 1,2 and 3), IFIO (IFS couples basic and advanced trainings),EMDR,  and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (levels 1 +2), advanced trainings in complex trauma with Janina Fisher, and more than thirty years  as a student of Yoga . I have specialized training in working with LGBTQI clients.

 I graduated from JFK University with a M.A. in Counseling Psychology with a specialization in Holistic Studies and I studied Psychology and Women’s Studies at UCSC where I received a BA with high honors.  As a holistic therapist I believe that our body, mind and soul are connected and that everyone has  the innate ability to change and to lead a happy and fulfilled life. 

 As a student of Yoga and a meditation practitioner for more than 30 years I incorporate my spiritual practice as a means to look within through self-awareness and somatic experiencing with the higher aim of attaining peace of mind. 


Before becoming a therapist I  worked as an early childhood educator. I was  educated  in Germany where I studied both Waldorf and Montessori education philosophies. 

 I have worked in several agencies with a variety of clients of different ethnicities and ages .

I have worked with teens and families in school settings and non-profit agencies.  I have facilitated parenting groups, children's groups, groups for adolescent girls, women's groups and a post abortion support group.

I also have first-hand experience as a stepparent and adoptive parent with enhanced trainings in the areas of adoption, attachement and identity formation, especially with internationally adopted children. 

Anna can be reached at 


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